Did you know?

Is the secret of waterproof garments in their membranes?

Membranes are measured in columns of water, there are from 0 to 20000.

The higher the number, the less breathability, the lower the number, the more breathability, but the less resistance to water columns.

  • 0-5,000mm: Zero is non-resistance (a technical shirt, a shirt, etc.), 5,000mm is a not very high resistance: light rain, dry snow, etc.
  • 6,000mm-10,000mm: Light to moderate rain, moderate snowfall
  • 11,000-15,000mm: Moderate to heavy rain, heavy snowfall, poor breathability
  • 16,000-20,000mm: Heavy to very heavy rains, intense snowstorms, almost no breathability.
  • More than 20,000mm: Extreme protection, not breathable at all.

Can we have garments with a membrane of more than 20,000 and that breathe?

– Simple example: a plastic raincoat (whose impermeability is very high), should not be used for activities, we would end up soaked by our sweat, if we used the sweat that we are generating it stays inside and when we stop doing our activity it would cause us a (sudden cold), we would become dehydrated.

Another important thing to point out is that waterproof garments are not miraculous since if we exceed our membrane’s ability to expel sweat we will saturate it.

We all know the sensation of humidity that remains despite the fact that our garment perspires and it may be precisely because we have saturated it.

In Europe, the ISO 11092 standard is used to measure perspiration. It is a reliable method by comparison that allows comparing different types of membranes.

  • RET 0-6: Very good. Extremely breathable. Comfort during intense activity.
  • RET 6-13 Good. Very breathable. Comfort in moderate activity.
  • RET 13-20 Normal. Breathable but little comfort in activity.
  • RET 20-30 Poor. Barely breathable. Minimum comfort in the activity.
  • RET 30+ Very poor. Not breathable. No comfort in the activity.

Mountain hunting garments must have a balance between, waterproofing and breathability since when we have been walking for many hours we need our garments to breathe and dry quickly, everything will always depend on the type of activity that we are going to carry out.

There are other garments for high mountains and extreme cold that require much higher membranes.

It is very important when you are looking for a technical garment that is waterproof and passable at the same time to pay attention to the columns of water that will give us the impermeability that the garment has

Our membrane:

– Pasión Morena uses a tested membrane with a 10000 column and a RET ISO-11092 (Perspiration) index of 0.5 m2, seeking the balance between breathability and perfect impermeability for high mountain and long days of activity.

Elastic, tear-resistant, waterproof and breathable membrane.