Thermoregulatory Clothing

Today we start very excited with a blog of Pasión Morena in which we will try to explain as best as possible everything related to our garments, fabrics, accessories, etc. This section will be called

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And to start today we would like to talk a little about our Thermoregulatory Collection, which will be very important when going out into the mountains this winter, this type of garment will allow us to enjoy our activities despite the extreme weather conditions here we explain a little better how and with what fabrics our Thermoregulatory garments are manufactured.

Did you know? …

The garments of the Pasión Morena Thermoregulatory Collection have no seams, they are manufactured in tubes by special machinery that avoids them.

A second skin that will make you enjoy great comfort, avoiding all kinds of chafing and friction, managing to focus all thoughts only on the activity we are doing.

These garments are created based on Polyester Climatherm together with a small contribution of polyamide, to provide them with thermal factor and durability, the threads are brought together in the Seambless machinery to achieve the final woven finish.

These garments are designed in 3 dimensions with which we achieve that the Seamless fabric is more ergonomic and adapts to the shape of the body completely.

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Climatherm filaments are super absorbent with what we achieve that sweat is quickly assimilated by the fabric in an intelligent way. Polyester dissipates moisture throughout the fabric and removes it.

As they are hollow microfilaments, the moisture they collect instantly expels it to the outside, ensuring that the body is not damp.

We all know the importance of being able to walk for hours in the mountains or doing any other dry activity or sport and without any seams bothering us, it is essential for a good physical and mental performance and to be able to enjoy those moments.




Talking about thermal garments thinking that the fabric left us warm in the past, we talk about the concept that our garment is capable of helping the body not to lose the heat it generates.

Thanks to the insulating air layer Climatherm is able to prevent the cold from penetrating directly to the body, always keeping the body temperature that our body generates stable. At the same time, if the outside temperature increases, our garment will be able to respond by rapidly absorbing and evaporating moisture.



UPF + 40

Climatherm threads are treated with UVA rays inhibiting ingredients to achieve protection under solar radiation, we will be highly protected even if we spend many hours in the sun.




As we mentioned before, the Climatherm thread is treated again this time so that it is capable of inhibiting the growth or proliferation of bacterial agents that cause bad odor, carbon fibers also have antibacterial properties with which we achieve a strong repellent to Bacteria that can affect the body, preventing them from accumulating on clothing and causing a bad smell. Our garments are always kept clean and odor-free even after a hard day in the mountains.

This does not mean that these garments do not have to be washed. This question of how to do it so that our garments have a longer life and are better preserved will be addressed in another new entry on our blog.


I hope that you liked this first post and that you have been able to solve some doubts you may have about this type of garment, we have much to tell you and we will gradually make new entries about our articles, news, etc.

See you soon!